Seaside Escape

Our basic relaxation massage, custom blended, similar to a Swedish full body massage.

  • 55 minutes- $129
Good Karma Bliss

Experience good karma aromatherapy while you receive a custom blended massage. Inhale, relax and refresh!

  • 55 minutes – $149
Deep Balance

Deep tissue is included in this full body massage. It is a custom blended massage based on your desired results for deep relaxation.

  • 55 minutes – $159
Shell Excursion

A coastal enriched warm seashell massage warms your muscles and it is sure to invigorate the body's flow of energy for deep relaxation.

  • 55 minutes – $149
Body Revitalizer

This invigorating sugar or sea salt exfoliation refines improves skin texture. Formulated to increase circulation by removing accumulated residues and skin impurities.

  • 55 minutes – $149